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Pregnant Women's Pillow Side L

Pregnant Women's Pillow Side L

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Filling: 100% Cotton

Shape: U-Shape

Material: 100% Cotton


1. Pregnant women's pillows are actually different from ordinary pillows. They are specially designed for pregnant mothers to support their belly and waist, alleviate discomfort during sleep, and have certain preventive and therapeutic effects!

2.Pregnant mothers who lack a sense of security can choose a "U-shaped pillow", which surrounds the body and provides sufficient support for the pregnant woman's waist, stomach, back, etc. You can also rest on the back pillow arm, which also saves the trouble of buying a separate elbow pillow


Pillow core fabric: pure cotton/Crystal Velvet

Pillow core height: 15.1-20cm

Pillow shape: U-shaped

Pillow weight: 1.3kg

Color: Double combination navy blue light gray

Size specification: One size fits all

Elephants: Polyester Fiber

Applicable stage: full stage

Package included:1 * U-shaped pillow


1. When using a pregnant woman's pillow, it is necessary to adjust the correct sleeping posture to avoid waist injury caused by improper sleeping posture;

2. It is recommended to wash and protect once a week or two!

3. For a long pillow with your right leg, be sure to place your right foot on top of the pillow as well. Placing your leg on top but letting it hang down can actually hurt your waist.

Do not press your left leg under a long pillow, place it next to the pillow to avoid compressing the nerves.

Don't put your stomach against the pillow after you have a big stomach. It should be placed on the pillow to help lift the weight of the link.

Do not hug the upper right arm inward, try to place it on the right side of the body to avoid creating a rounded shoulder.

The waist needs to be sturdy, so giving two small pillows is not without a reason, use them all!

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